RA Headcanon
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ryskellor asked: I just found your blog a few minutes ago. I went through the pictures, and next thing I knew I was laughing my head off, yet still crying from 'Alyss being pregnant'. I love this blog. You are amazing. Keep being awesome.


Thank you! We’ll do our best to remain awesome. (We’re counting on you, followers, you keep us up and running!!)

Just reminding you guys that this blog is a thing and we have nothing. If you have any headcanons we would love to hear them.


tell me all your ra headcannons. I’d love to hear them

The first 10 headcanons. I told you I’d post them all, thought I’d save time by posting several at once.

I few minutes ago I posted under the-hell-is-productivity that my blog got deleted. it was bigger than that. My account was deleted horribly enough so this blog went with it. I’ll post all the pictures again later though. 

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